New decryption code underscores DVD security weakness.
Shift key breaks CD copy locks.
Web searchers wars.
Microsoft looks to extinguish LAMP.
Operative Systems - Comparative Views.
The top 10 reasons to work in IT
The new UNIX

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Software wars
Software wars (current)
The Cathedral and the Bazaar (An information treasure about the open-source movement.)
In the Beginning was the Command Line

IBM Linux zone

O'Reilly Open Books Project



the inquirer

"There is only one Unix command you will ever need to remember, and only 2 flags for that command" (It's amazing what man -k and man -f can do for your Unix skills).
(From a message in linux.redhat.misc newsgroup)
Linux: gawk, date, finger, wait, unzip, touch, nice, suck, strip, mount, fsck, umount, make clean, sleep. (Who needs porn when you have /usr/bin?)
(From a message in linux.redhat.misc newsgroup)
Boycott SCO

Legal research about SCO's case.

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