Spanish for english speaking people

Lesson 2 (lesson 1 is lost)

  1. BOY AS -N - R (Voy a cenar)
    I'm gonna have dinner
  2. N - L - C - JOHN (En el sillón)
    On the armchair
  3. BE A HOPE AND SON (Viejo panzón)
    Fat old man
  4. THIS - S - POOR AS STUNT AIR - E - US (Dices puras tonterías)
    You're saying dumb things
  5. S - TOY TREE STONE (Estoy tristón)
    I'm kinda sad
  6. LOST TRAP EAT TOSS (Los trapitos)
    The little rags
  7. A KEY EYE POOR AGREE JUG (Aquí hay pura grilla)
    There's only politics around here
  8. DESK CAN SAW (Descansa)
    (You) rest
  9. AS SAY TOON AS (Aceitunas)
  10. CELL EYE JUG, ONE A WHAT TOE (Celaya, Guanajuato)
    Celaya, Guanajuato (a city in central Mexico)
  11. BE A HAS - R - WHEN THERE US (Viejas argüenderas)
    Arguing old hags
  12. COME AT A LOSS UGH WACK CAT TESS (Cómete los aguacates)
    Eat the avocadoes
  13. THE HEAD THE STAR MALL LESS STAN DOE (Deje de estar molestando)
    Stop bugging me
  14. KIT AT TELL LOSS WAR AT CHESS (Quítate los huaraches)
    Take off your sandals
  15. BALL ADD THE PAY JAZZ SAD US (Bola de payasadas)
    Silly stuff
  16. TABOO - N - O ('ta bueno)
    It's OK
  17. A KEY'S TATOO ONE C'M ON EIGHT (Aquí está tu Juan Camaney)
    Your "macho" lover is here
  18. PASS A LASS SHELL ASS (Pasa las chelas)
    Pass the beer
  19. S - TOY SO LAP ASS (Estoy solapas)
    I'm alone
  20. PASS A LASS ALL SAW (Pasa la salsa)
    Pass the sauce
  21. COME - S - LOSS TACK EAT TOSS (Comes los taquitos)
    You eat the little tacos
  22. EYE HALL IS CONE - O - TEAR A HESS (Ay Jalisco no te rajes)
    Jalisco don't surrender (famous mexican saying)
  23. KIT AT TELL LOSS CAN - L - LOSS (Quítate los canelos)
    Take off your panties
  24. L - GATT - E - TOW (El gatito)
    The kitten
  25. WELL - S - A SOAP - O (Hueles a sopo)
    You smell like sweat
  26. A PEST ASS ALL COLE (Apestas a alcohol)
    You stink like alcohol
  27. TELL - O - LAB AS (Te lo lavas)
    Wash it (as in your ass)
  28. TEN GO SAP AT TOSS EAT TALL - E - AN OZ (Tengo zapatos italianos)
    I have italian shoes
  29. BE GOAT TESS THE RAN CHAIR - O (Bigotes de ranchero)
    Farmer's moustache
  30. TEAR EGG ALL - O - LASS CAN - E - KEY TAZ (Te regalo las caniquitas)
    I give you the little marbles
  31. S - TAZ - B - N - GORE DOUGH (Estás bien gordo)
    You are very fat
  32. LAW - S - TAZ SUE RAN DOUGH (La estás zurrando)
    You are fucking it up
  33. TELL - O - PRO MET - O (Te lo prometo)
    I promise you
  34. DOES TACK EAT TOSS - E - FREE HALL - S (Dos taquitos y frijoles)
    Two little tacos and beans
  35. WEB US COME HAM ON (Huevos con jamón)
    Eggs with ham
  36. WEB US COME TOSS SEE NO (Huevos con tocino)
    Eggs with bacon
  37. WEB US TEA BE US (Huevos tibios)
    Lukewarm eggs
  38. WEB US COME SHORE IS SO (Huevos con chorizo)
    Eggs with sausage
  39. WEB BE TOES COME FREE HALL LIT TOES (Huevitos con frijolitos)
    Little egs with little beans
  40. DOES STACK KIT TOES DOOR ADD IT TOES THE PAUL JOE (Dos taquitos doraditos de pollo)
    Two little chicken fried tacos
  41. DOES STACK KIT TOES THE CAR NEAT AS (Dos taquitos de carnitas)
    Two pork little tacos
  42. COME CHILL LEAP TOES HALL UP PEN JOE'S (Con chilitos jalapeños)
    With jalapeño red hot chili pepper
  43. COME CHILL LACK KILL LESS (Con chilaquiles)
    With peppered corn tortilla bits
  44. E - FREE HALL LIT TOES (Y frijolitos)
    ...and little beans
  45. TRAIN US ON SIX THE SHELL AS (Traenos un six de chelas)
    Bring us a beer six pack
  46. KISS SEA RAM MOST DOES TEA KILL AS (Quisiéramos dos tequilas)
    We'd like two tequilas
  47. SEE GARY TOE? (¿Cigarrito?)
    Would you like a cigarrete
  48. MUCH AS GRASS SEA AS (Muchas gracias)
    Thank you very much
  49. LOW ASS - M - OZ - N - TWO QUART TOE? (¿Lo hacemos en tu cuarto?)
    Shall we make it in your room?
  50. L - WHO GO RAN - C - O (El jugo rancio)
    The rotten juice
  51. MASS CAR EAT A SAW GRAD AH (Mascarita Sagrada)
    Name of a famous wrestler in Mexico - "Sacred Little Mask"
  52. SEE EYE (Sí hay)
    Yes, we have
  53. T - N - S - FREE - O? (¿Tienes frío?)
    Are you cold?
  54. S - TOY AS TALL A MAD RE (Estoy hasta la madre)
    I'm fed up
  55. S - TAZ PEN THE HO (Estás pendejo)
    You are an ass hole
  56. POOH ROW PED OH (Puro pedo)
    It's all bull shit
  57. FREE HOLE IT TOES CAN CHILL IT TOE (Frijolitos con chilito)
    Beans with chili pepper
  58. WHO LEO SEEK AGO (Julio se cagó)
    Julio shit on himself
  59. TEA POKE AT US (Tepocatas)
    Bad bugs - Opposition politicians
  60. BE BORE US (Víboras)
    Vipers - Opposition politicians
  61. CHEEK -E- JUICE (Chiquillos)
  62. CHEEK -E- JAZZ (Chiquillas)
  63. A PAN -E- CAR SAY (Apanicarse)
    Be afraid because a perceived economic recession
  64. AT OR ON (Atorón)
    Small economic problems, not a recession definitely
  65. TEAM MORE AT US (Timoratos)
    Those afraid because a perceived economic recession
  66. A ONE TEA BAR AH! (¡Aguante vara!)
    You endure opposition's faultfinders!
  67. MERRY KIT A (Mariquita)
    Gay - Cry-baby
  68. CHAP ARROW (Chaparro)
  69. LOST PIN US (Los Pinos)
    President's house in México
  70. SAND CHRIST OVAL (San Cristóbal)
    St. Christopher - President Fox's ranch
  71. MARE TIT A (Martita)
    Little Martha - President Fox's new wife

11 phrases only mexicans say explained

No one knows true slang until they’ve heard Mexican slang.

Me vale madres.
Literal translation: I don’t care mothers.
What it actually means: I don’t give a fuck.
¡A huevo!
Literal translation: To egg!
What it actually means: Hell yes!
Está chido.
Literal translation: ????
What it actually means: It’s cool.
No mames.
Literal translation: Don’t suck.
What it actually means: No effin way.
Ando bien pedo.
Literal translation: I am very fart.
What it actually means: I am currently very drunk.
¿Dónde es la peda?
Literal translation: Where is the fart? (feminine).
What it actually means: Where’s the party at?
No sé ni qué pedo.
Literal translation: I don’t even know what fart.
What it actually means: I don’t know what is going on.
Qué oso.
Literal translation: What a bear.
What it actually means: How embarrassing.
No manches.
Literal translation: Don’t stain.
What it actually means: Unbelievable.
¿Qué onda?
Literal translation: What wave?
What it actually means: What’s up?
Me la pelas.
Literal translation: You peel it for me.
What it actually means: You ain’t got nothing on me.

Buzz Feed Comunity.

13 phrases only mexicans understand
¡Ya nos cayó el chahuiztle!
Literal translation: The chahuiztle is upon us!
What it actually means: Our problems are going from bad to worse and everything will soon go to hell.
¡Le andas dando vuelo a la hilacha!
Literal translation: You’re letting the rag fly!
What it actually means: You're living as if there were no tomorrow
¿Te doy un aventón al metro?
Literal translation: Want me to push you into the subway?
What it actually means: We are just kindly offering you a ride to the closest metro station.
Tu cuate el fresa me cae bien gordo.
Literal translation: Your strawberry friend is falling very fat on me.
What it actually means: I can’t stand that snobby friend of yours!
¡Ya, afloja!
Literal translation: Loosen up!
What it actually means: We use this phrase to ask for something borrowed, to reclaim a debt, and to beg for sex. Everything depends on the context! But beware, if a complete stranger approaches you with this phrase... well, then you’re probably being mugged.
Amárrate esas pinches agujetas que te vas a dar un ranazo.
Literal translation: Tie those fucking agujetas if you don’t want to get the big frog.
What it actually means: It refers to shoelaces and here is the word ranazo (big frog). Here the superlative is used to make reference to a collision (between the guy with the untied shoelaces and, most probably, the floor).
Fui a chacharear un rato.
Literal translation: I went out to chacharear for a while.
What it actually means: Chacharear is a verb with a very specific meaning: useless merchandise that’s normally quite cheap (cheap souvenirs are perfect examples) and chacharear is the act of going out and spending time looking at chacharas. It doesn’t imply buying them, just looking at them.
Me quedé echando la hueva todo el día.
Literal translation: I stayed here expelling the egg the whole day.
What it actually means: Eggs can symbolize either bravery, testicles, or laziness. The phrase we have here is clearly an example of the latter.
¡Sepa la bola!
Literal translation: May the ball know!
What it actually means: I don’t know.
Mi bici no es nueva pero da el gatazo.
Literal translation: My bike isn’t new but it gives the big cat.
What it actually means: Dar el gatazo (to give the big cat) is an expression that simply implies maintaining appearances.
Me hace lo que el viento a Juárez.
Literal translation: Gives me the same trouble as the wind gave Juarez.
What it actually means: I think that the phrase refers to Benito Juarez’s hairdo, which could withstand a hurricane without the slightest.
¡Rífate por la banda!
Literal translation: Raffle yourself for the band!
What it actually means: Quite a common phrase between friends (the band) to convince one of its members to make an extra effort (to raffle oneself) for the sake of the common good or for the sake of the speaker.
Ahí nos vidrios.
Literal translation: There us glass.
What it actually means: See you later guys.

Rulo Luna
(v.Matador Network del 16 de octubre de 2014).


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